Carlo Sr.The original Carlo's Barbership has been a landmark in Garfield Heights, Ohio for 49 years.  It all began with founder, Carlo Sarti Sr., an Italian immigrant who had a dream to one day have his own barbershop.  In 1969, Carlo Sr. opened the doors to the original Carlo's Barbershop on Warner Road in Cleveland, Ohio.   Carlo Sr.'s hard work, quality haircuts, and inviting, friendly atmosphere were a definite recipe for success.  After spending a few years in the shopping plaza on Warner Road, Carlo Sr. came across a great opportunity.  Jaworski's Meat Market and Candy Shop, located just down the street from the shop, was put up for sale.  Carlo Sr. seized the opportunity to buy the building.  Thus, the shop was moved to Turney Road in Garfield Heights, where it still remains 31 years later.  Having used all of his savings to buy the shop, he did not account for the expenses needed to remodel and convert it into a barbershop.  With the help of family, friends, and customers in the construction trades, the once meat market and candy shop was converted to Carlo's Barbershop.  Carlo Sr.'s love for the business inspired his son, Carlo Jr., to also enter the trade, and the family does not end there.  Carlo Jr. later convinced his brother-in-law Roberto Gangale, to join the cutting crew.

After almost a decade working under Carlo Sr. at the original Carlo's Barbershop, Carlo Jr. and Roberto decided it was time for Carlo's Barbershop to also have a presence on the westside of Cleveland.  Many of the original Carlo's Barbershop customers had moved to the westside, the area that both Carlo Jr. and Roberto grew up in.  Carlo Jr. and Roberto began to search for the perfect location for Carlo's Barbershop II.  Amidst their search, they were very fortunate to find an available space that was once one of the most popular barbershops in Broadview Heights, Ohio.  The space at 8138 Broadview Road was once Pat's Barbershop, owned and run by the late Pat Dimassa, After purchasing the business, Carlo Jr. and Roberto had much work ahead of them.  Since the shop had been closed for several years, it took hard work and extreme dedication to remodel the shop.  On October 4th, 2005, the doors of Carlo's Barbershop II were opened.  Carlo Jr., Roberto, and newly recruited family friend Bill Wise were eager and excited to open a new shop in an area that was in great need of one.  Carlo Jr. and Roberto were both ready and willing to split ther time between working at the original Carlo's Barbershop and Carlo's Barbershop II.  Carlo's Barbershop II has received an overwhelming welcome from the community for which they are very appreciative, and are always excited to meet new customers every day.

Daily conversation at every Carlo's Barbershop often includes local happenings, world events, sports, and of course, the latest jokes.  Men and children of all ages love visiting this traditional shop.  Of course, mothers are always welcome to bring in their children, too.